Friday, September 11, 2009

Jagz: not been to this venue before...

I'm in ascot, at Jagz, a bar and restaurant complex type thing opposite the station. Upstairs they have a long, barrel-ceiling room with a huge stage at the end.

We're on after a couple of acoustic acts: the pic here is of a fella who has really nice songs and a cracking fingerpicking style on guitar: a little like newton falkner, and he's got a great sense of humour. "if i am a biscuit tin, you are a bourbon" :-)

He's even sharing about the perils of carbonated drinks and burping mid-lyric. Love it!

Today I got really hacked off at a lack of summer, lack of 2 week break and, indeed, total lack of a complete break at all: so I booked NEXT year's summer hols, at Metochi Cottage in Crete. This place is magical.

And now I'm suddenly happier: visualising the future pleasure of a familiar 19th century stone built cottage with a nice small pool of your own, tree coverage that seems to be perfect all day long and a local lidl with wicked cool beer.

Good times to come. And italy in a month where I buy my iPhone!

And a good gig tonight. I'm on the stack, and the sound is wicked out front.

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