Thursday, September 17, 2009

Face bar: First band on, and the insanity of thursday nights..

Not bad: their vocalist has some presence, a curiously country and western feel. The bassist is a hired hand, he tells me, and he ought to ensure he knows the songs back to front! I hear the odd missed entry note...

Wierd gig, this one-not played this venue before, 5 bands in one night: tony is providing PA and his guitar amp, I'm providing the CCL plus 4x10 cab as bass amp. Apparently tony volunteered his system after having heard the system oin face bar-it is a little older, I guess-and the sound in there is pretty good as a result of Tony's system.

However, the guys here wanted us here at 3pm! Now, I am still a wage slave at the moment, so to speak. So this was def not possible! ;-)

Anyway, it'll be 930pm before we're on. junkyard scientists are on after us: I hear they're great, and I do like their sound. Coolio!

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