Monday, October 03, 2005

Tony the Tiger would say...

Well, you can guess. Good practise tonight, really got some energy back into me after an exhausting couple of days: Nic and I had a little too much wine last friday night (we did watch 40 First Dates though, which was eye-wateringly funny after said wine - it is funny though, I'd recommend it), so Saturday was a little upside down stomach wise, which was inconvenient to say the least... as we drove up to Nic's folks place to pick up the Janeiro artwork from the Double Decker Bus, where it has been for the last 5 or so weeks since the Party in the Park gig. The vinyl still looks pretty good, but the mounting board wasn't waterproof so it's going to have to be remounted. No biggie.

So Saturday was frantic driving: Sunday was a practise day but to be honest I was still feeling washed out from friday's excesses. Oops! Nic and I got into the day slowly with one of our amazing brunch fry-ups. Protein overload!

Trouble is, I'm always really lethargic at practises which don't have all of us there: Janeiro's sound suffers a lot when someone's missing, and in the case of keyboards, we suddenly become a 2 guitar one bass several vocals band: all those classic rhodes/hammond/etc sounds are missing and the largesse of the sound vanishes, so I tend to lose a lot of energy as a result. Driving back on Sunday I was feeling a little deflated :)

Today at work was pretty crappy too, took ages to wake up fully but still dragged myself out of bed OK and then got penned in by the traffic on the M4, which seems to affect the A4 at junction 7 of the M4 really badly, and therefore pins me into Dorney. Argh. Going south to the M3 is an insane way to try to get to Thatcham, so lord please no. I sat down, had tea, left later and got to work in the usual amount of time, but much later than I meant to. Spent the whole day feeling really drugged up, and not much better driving up.

But once we got playing, I was alive again - 3 songs in and I was capable of pogoing. Nice!

Terry's great, knows a lot of Stevie Wonder really well, and learns the Janeiro material really quickly. Nice.

I'm off to bed - I should post more often, in fact Terry was telling me he caught this blog and liked it. Thanks mate, see you next week!


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