Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hold on to the energy....

Got in late this morning, slept in, which is probably a good idea given we're on at midnight in Farnham tonight... decided to pack the car at home when I get back there en route: I can shower, restring the 6 string, etc etc, then set off.

Just spoke to Dan on the phone - fun and games getting themselves down here from Oxford, they're hiring a van as Rich's van is still needing all the work done to get through MOT... which I'm fronting the cash for and getting back from the mythical management loan.... ah, a band in hoc! How moderne! How in tune with today's society! I wonder if there's any debt consolidation companies for musicians?

Tonight's going to be insane, I can just feel it: there's a rising energy I can't stop (but I've got save some of it - once we soundcheck at 7 we wait 5 hours before going on!)... plus, rediscovered PlanetFunk on my iPod and totally into it - "Inside All the People" is a great track, part Duran Duran (esp the vox) and part dance: all groove.

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