Thursday, October 06, 2005

Long evenings... no practise?!?

here's me, snatching a second while I rinse my teeth and blog using my phone, after an evening of intense picture gallery manipulation for the Janeiro website ( Biggest gallery of pics yet! I'm off to pick up the 6 string in a minute and pluck a little lithe fitness into my fingers.

Just been doing a little google name searching for concorde artists international, who are arranging our university tour (first date 20th oct, see janeiro website for details!). They arrange live shows for lemar, girls aloud, steps(as was), lulu(!), the prodigy, blue... and now us! Neil really does have some cool contacts, and he's been in touch plenty. Nice.

Cheerio gentle reader. Have you spotted the new background for the other bits of my website yet? I've left the blog the same for now.

anybody else getting as pissed as I am about the bots using blogs comment fields for spam? pain in the arse, I'm erasing 3 or 4 a week!

oh well.

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Squander Two said...

Hi, Andy.

Everyone is as pissed off as you about the comment spammers. You might try switching to Haloscan. It has some anti-spam measures built in, and is free.