Saturday, March 03, 2007

Age hath its privs...

BTW, took a while to get online in the Brussels today - Regis has fitted a new router (A D-link, like mine) and the onboard DNS routing is totally screwed! In the end, he gave us the address of the STA DNS server and a static IP address (which I'm holding on to, def!) and I'm back on again. It showed me once again that embedded software is gravely in need of my services everywhere... I HATE bad software. I live to prove how awful it is. The satisfaction in watching developers and project managers running around like scalded cats after you tell them they can't ship a product because this problem will happen a lot and they'll look like prats is pretty cool :)

Last night's gig was OK - I decided not to take the usual plethora of gear and left the POD behind, just taking the 6-string and a cable to see what the "pure tone" of the bass was like through the Trace V4. I have to say, I was impressed - Jamie even asked for a solo, so I quickly tweaked the preamp dirty channel on the thing and got one hell of a racket out of it. Total anarchy, I just let rip and didn't give a shit what I played, and it seemed to go down well. I'm pretty sure I deafened at least the first three rows of the audience.

I'm 36 and I can see what I used to be like when I was in my 20s... I'm really happy with all the stuff that has happened to me, and where it has brought me. This trip has taught me many things about myself, including that I am through playing covers - I will never play cover music on stage again after this is over, I have had enough! I've spent half my life playing other people's music, and this has to be the end of it. I might pick up the odd technique from some track, but I won't play covers to audiences any more.

There, I've said it. You can keep me straight if you see me playing anywhere :)

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