Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Andorra Trip Will Be...

for 10 weeks, starting January!

Bless 'em, Panasonic simply couldn't cope without me, they said, so I had to give my notice today. I still don't really understand why they can't give a sabb until I get back, and still have all these talents I apparently possess, but there you are.

Gentle reader, how could I, a 36 year old male bassist, turn down the chance to stretch my capabilities in a totally different and very demanding sphere, because my employer hasn't granted a sabb before and doesn't know what to do?

I think this marks a great phase for me: I will find a software company who rate software quality as I do and blow them away with the force of my testing. It will be a meeting of minds and hearts.

I have broken free!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bro',

nice move, so Yoko-san sans Andy-san? - do you care? - it's dead anyway - and you weren't fully recognised - but deep down yes I guess you do as you put loads in to get small recognition out (apart from those who know (your's truly, Witney Wisp, VB, etc) - not equal to those who think they know titled by appointment by those who promote by least likelyhood of threat to their own incompetence - shitake mushrooms!, I am getting as cynical as you!), but hey, slam that bass and board over the winter and look for new opps Q2/07. We have 100 inches at Baker, buckets at Snoqualmie++ and it's still Thanksgiving - local band scene is busy - work, play, board all within 40 mile radius - interested? Parker ;)