Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another breeze gig last friday... another one this thursday!!!

Cool, I could use the cash! Need to get a laptop so I can keep this stuff up... mainly as if my counter is right, there's a few of you who drop by every so often. Including that anonymous comment from "Parker" to my last post! I'm guessing that's you, Elwyn :)

If not - drop me another comment, anonymous - anyone who mentions VB and the Witney Wisp (are we referring to 'arry 'arris 'ere?) should shurely be Elwyn???

Oh - and I'm stoked that the snow out there is good. 100 inches at Baker? Woah, I would sooooo like to be there :) The boarding I did at Banff was some of the best - American and canadian ski resorts rule, I suspect - Europe needs more himalayas (or at least our own pocket san andreas for more hilly bits).

So yes... another Breeze gig this thursday! And I've got to get some serious stuff packed - we're taking the studio out there!!! So not only do I get to spend that time playing music and boarding (when I have chance - remember, this is hard work we're talking about here) - we're going to get some writing done as well! Jamie is driving down fairly soonish so I'll be taking him a load of stuff this thursday night as well as the trace 2x10 cab to extend the V-Amp V4 combo (which, BTW, sounds totally awesome - I'd kill for one of those!).


Things at work have been cool - I've actually done more work recently that ever before, lots of little apps to do cool stuff remote controlling other apps using AutoIT v3 (yeah, I'm a dweeb on the side). Hopefully when I get back I can get myself another post fairly quickly, but with any luck in a new place close to home.

Oh yes... and we're moving house this weekend!!!! Not doing things by halves, eh... Nice new place though, very warm. And not oil powered. BTW, if you have the misfortune to be in an oil-powered house, try boilerjuice.com - they are very very cool and very very useful.

Wish me luck, I have a PC, 2 monitors and several bits of 19" rackmount gear to pack for the back of a van :)

Oh yes, and my 5 string. And my board. And Nic's skis.

Cheerio punters

Andy The Man With Something To Live For

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