Monday, February 20, 2006

if it's not me getting broken...

It's the gear!

My flow bindings are shedding bits again: lost one of the left binding's highback retaining bolts. It would have been nice to have seen this BEFORE we got to the top of tommeuses lift.

Anyway, I patched it up with rope(!) taken from a helpful piste marshal.

Unfortunately my temporary repair is now proving to be impossible to undo: I think maybe it's time I stopped using Flow bindings. They're really comfortable, really convenient and on my feet, really unreliable.

Perhaps this afternoon someone can help me fix them. If not, it's time to buy yet another set of bindings.Arse! I had a great time this morning as well, really riding quite hard despite the rope fix thing. tch.


P.S. pic is view from the Brussels Hotel across the nursery slopes.

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