Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another fantastic day...

Another fantastic day...
Another fantastic day...,
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In fact, I've worn out my board! It's in for a service, 23€ all in for edge and wax, which compares well to Snow and Rock in Chertsey which would charge me £35 for essentially the same job!

But today... finally .anaged to galvanise into an early start, and explored vast tracts of Tigne's pistes after taking both funicular railways to get to possibly the highest point hereabouts. We then rode continuously (with a few lifts in between, of course) between 930ish and about 2pm(!)-I've enjoyed a little off piste action, and came down a black run with possibly the best rendition of the north sea swell in snow form ever: moguls? these were all bloody rupert maxwells!

Now totally wiped!

The pic is of 2 jet trails tom saw, the camera added the third for my inital to come alove in the sky. Signs and portents!

Cheerio, you'll be hearing from me later...

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