Monday, March 28, 2005

Back to the Music... sort of!

well, if you've followed the other blog I was running at you'll know typing is a royal pain in the arse with only my left hand :)

I've fractured my radius snowboarding!

Actually, it's not totally SNAFUd, thank god. The gloves I bought just before I left saved my wrist from needing any work done on it other than a cast. And the good news is I had a rehearsal with the JC Band in Oxford yesterday evening, and it went off OK. No slap, obviously, but my fingerstyle is still up to about 70% of what it should be, so I'm going to be able to keep my end up (so to speak) for the three weeks or so until my cast comes off, at which point I'll go ballistic getting my right hand limber.... as...

We've got a gig in a 700 capacity club in Oxford in about 6 weeks!

The rehearsals are going to ramp up to the full 2 a week ( for me ) with another one for the rest of the guys, and we are now up to an 8 piece, with keyboards and a second backing vox/tenor sax player!

Think I'll have to dig out my rusty sax writing skills from the days of the apostles of funk... hope I can remember what I did!

I'll keep you posted. I managed to play hard enough yesterday to get a fine blister on my right middle finger!

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