Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Open Mic Nights: a defence

I had a great gig last night with Miles Nottage and the Rhythm and Blues Band (sort of Jools Holland esque, but a little more eclectic - band has 3-piece brass section, Miles on a Steinway grand (no kidding!!), guitar, 2 backing vocalists who both doubled as Conga players and a great drummer. Tines included Root Beer Rag by Nilly Joel, Cowboys and Angels - George Michael, and a big-band feel cover of "Makin Whoopee" which Dr John did ages ago.

The reason I got this gig was thanks to contacts from Open Mic nights I've donne in the past - if you can find one with a great following, and the musicians are good, then go for it: the contacts and friends you make will broaden your horizons in ways you didn't think possible.

I even strayed WAY outside myy comfort zone by usinng the NS 5-string NXT upright on 4 tracks. Mental!

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