Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The power of the web

Wow. Just got an email from the guitarist, he's already mixed down a live recording of our new track (and his studio has a bloody excellent live sound) and he's sent us out download links already.

How different is that to when I started, swapping tapes of rehersals. He's done a pro sounding recording already!

I love tech when it's useful, truly useful. That's why I'm not using windows any more. It's useful alright, but it's gone too far and has become a bewildering array of features accessible from a thousand areas (usually unintuitive ones). Top that off with vulnerability and instability and I'm finally off to unix land (prob osx).

Weird. No more windows, apart from supporting the ones left in the house.

His studio is osx now as well!

- Posted on the move

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