Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heroes’ Bar, Maidenhead – stylish and full of FUNK

Last night, great gig. We definitely still need more material but last night was the first live outing of the new track we worked on based on the heavy vibe from a synth line I pulled on the 6-string: the track flowed pretty well last night, but it needs some sax and vox in the bridge before the chorus I reckon. Otherwise it sounds great!

I did get a bum steer from a clamper last night though – you can park round the back of this particular venue, and we did get a message from the bar owners saying that if we had a sign in the window saying we were playing in Heroes we’d be OK, but I saw the clampers freeing a poor git when I arrived, so I asked one of them what the deal was: “you can’t park here mate” got I. So I used the multi storey opposite and got all my gear down 2 sets of stairs (lifts out of order, of course) – 6-string, gear bag, pod and CCL combo – and trundled it (thankfully I didn’t bring the Monster Stack with me, god, I’d have killed meself) through maidenhead to the venue.

Good stage area – backlit with odd LED panels, cycling through colours – and some decent overhead lights. Definitely not your average pub gig. Mind you, it’s more of a trendy bar in the bit of Maidenhead with block paving and the cinema. It’s a little like Dundee – except Dundee has gentrified more of itself in the city centre.

Good gig though.

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