Saturday, March 07, 2009

The modern smartphone: a quick tip

GULP! Wish me luck. My trusty P990i (a little paint rubbed off on the corners, but otherwise doing very well indeed) has started acting up a bit, like an old windows machine does. It’s probably been a good year or so since I backed it up, etc so I’ve decided to do a sort of “sweep and clear”, by doing a complete backup (as an insurance policy), then a partial one where I only back up the contacts and calendar data but nothing else.

Then I’ll perform a master reset, followed by an internal drive format (making sure I back up anything in the internal drive folders, which isn’t much), and get stuck in reinstalling the apps I have on it. Effectively, I’m hoping to essentially “reinstall windows”, so to speak. I’m sure afterwards it’ll return to “as new” speed of operation, etc. Not that it’s slow, but it’s been rebooting a bit recently since I tried to get Doom working on it… I guess it may have become slightly compromised in the process. Who can tell? :)

I managed to find a 6-string set I didn’t know I had the other day, which means I now have 4 sets in Meths rotation, which is great. I think I’ll buy another 2 new sets to bring me up to a safe 6.

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