Tuesday, September 27, 2005

At last... Andy enters the bi-directional eBay age

Another dweeb moment I must cut down on these.

I've got an item for SALE on eBay! No biggie in the enormous scheme of things that is eBay's continuing conquest of the known (used) universe, but it's something big for me. Provided I can make a little cash, I need the dosh to feed my janeiro habit!

Speaking of which, if what Neil says is true, the luvly Terry Keys-Man thinks we're a band (well, i could have told him that...;) with lots of energy and good feeling - he's into us! Now all I have to do is text him and confirm that ;)

Jamie continues to improve - I'll chuck him a text as well and ask how his eye is.

Here's hoping my item attracts a little attention on eBay: I watched another x60 go for 43 quid odd before I decided where to pitch mine. £35 quid "buy it now" to you mate!

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