Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Music update!

Well, it's about damn time...

The Band
OK, it's time I referred to the band by their correct name, Gigolo - a name I didn't initially warm to, but which encompasses a lot of the touchy feely funk/soul style I enjoy. I can see myself in a band called Gigolo now, and visualisation is half the battle. Hmmm, bit poncey, that. :)

There's all sorts of really exciting stuff being said, but being "experienced" (see: "not fooled again"!) I'm taking them with a pinch of salt. Jake does have great contacts though, he spent a lot of time in London trying to get signed, big showcase gigs etc: these contacts are apparently very impressed by what we can do.

And after last night's rehearsal, I think they'll be even more impressed - a spontaneous breakdown section was inserted into one of the tracks: I started playing a really simple motif on the top C at the 12th fret of the 6 string Tobias bass, then Dan started playing a really heavy metronomic beat. Now the guitarists both start harmonising with the motif, Javier starts this brilliantly squidgy little synth thing, then....

I dropped my left hand and added the bass in while keeping the top motif going with my right! Two handed tap, in the tune, and both parts were really poking out nicely. That bass is a beauty: good to look at, fantastic to play, and top sound. All this with the Q-tron on for more max squidgyness.

The breakdown sounds so sonically dense, and yet the parts lock really well: you can pick things out and really groove to it.

This is so much fun - I've never been in a band like this. Let's hope it's all going to get even better!

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